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It is a fact that Grandparents today have increasing concerns for the well-being of their grandchildren. Sometimes your child simply isn’t in a position to give the nurturing and care necessary for the well-being of their child. Sometimes, alienation or other circumstances have simply cut you off from being able to adequately see and spend time with your grandchild. At Abel & Zocolo Co., LPA, we have the experience, and understanding, necessary to assist you in exercising your grandparental rights.

Grandparent Power of Attorneys

Although it has been in effect since 2004, very few people are aware of  an Ohio Law that allows, without expensive or lengthy court proceedings, a child to voluntarily, temporarily grant the care, physical custody and control of a child to a grandparent. At Abel & Zocolo Co., LPA, we can quickly evaluate the circumstances of your particular situation, in order to see whether this specific law could be of benefit to you.

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