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Experienced Interstate Custody attorneys

As interstate custody lawyers we frequently see situations where a mother or a father simply takes the children and moves from one state to another. The issues of which state has the power to determine custody and whether the original state can compel the return of the children are complex legal issues that require the highest degree of skill and ability.  Moreover, they are matters that must be dealt with immediately and decisively.

Our attorneys at Abel & Zocolo Co., LPA are exceptionally experienced in interstate custody matters and have set precedent through the Ohio Supreme Court.

Relocation and Enforcement of out-of-state orders

It is a fact that people are more mobile these days and that due to job opportunities, re-marriage or other circumstances relocate to different states.  It is also a fact that moving to another state often creates visitation and  support issues that need to be addressed.  Whether you have recently moved to Ohio, or are thinking of relocating to another state,  our attorneys at Abel & Zocolo Co., LPA, are familiar with relocation issues as well as the ins and outs of the registration and enforcement of Out-of-State decrees and court orders.

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